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Monday, April 27th, 2009

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Nobody wants to live an ignoble life.
-from the Mission Statement

When I decided to organize the Graduate School of Political Management, I went out to Princeton to meet with Stanley Kelley, professor of politics. He liked the idea and took a year’s leave of absence from Princeton to serve as the school’s founding provost. At lunch one day, Stanley responded to my rant concerning a feckless mayor who was manipulating New York’s racial tensions for political advantage: “Nobody wants to live an ignoble life,” Stanley said. Hmmm. A deceptively simple remark that I’ve been thinking about off and on ever since.

Christine Solomon, the school’s vice-president, was also at that lunch. Years later, she came to a rancorous debate I was having with a New York landlord-developer who was wreaking havoc with the lives of thousands of tenants, mine included. As we walked out of the auditorium, I asked whether she recalled Stanley Kelley’s remark. She did.  “So, what about this guy?” I asked.  “The man lies about the weather, and the politicians are helping him.”  “What Stanley meant,” she said, “is that nobody wants to live an ignoble life.” Lurking somewhere between Stanley’s serious observation and Christine’s bon mot is, I suppose, the reason for launching this website.